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Trends in Gamified Learning: Educational Interactive Game Design and Production

We are a Hong Kong-based development company specializing in mobile apps since 2013. Our app design company has cooperated with several merchants and some NGOs in the past few years, including SINOMAX, Green Power, AA, etc. Hong Kong organizations and companies to develop apps.

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Traditional education pathways to be broken through

Apart from teaching textbook knowledge, schools or educational institutions often put much effort into organizing various parent-student (parent-child) activities, celebrity speeches, DIY workshops, sports, and creative (essay writing, drawing, etc.) competitions, as well as promotional videos to disseminate educational messages, with the aim of enriching the knowledge of students, and also to cultivate the moral growth of students.

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New Thinking on Gamified Learning Creates a Win-Win-Win Situation

The Internet Native Generation primarily interacts with the world through online games. This shift towards digital engagement makes traditional education less appealing but opens up opportunities for gamified learning. Gamification can benefit educators, students, and academics alike:

Educators can leverage games as innovative teaching tools, fostering learning through play.

Students can use mobile games as an alternative homework method, promoting enjoyable learning and strengthening peer relationships.

Academics can utilize educational interactive games for research data, supporting academic studies and future educational strategies. For instance, collaborations between university professors and speech therapists can leverage game data to study youth language acquisition and use.

Blueprints and Examples of Game-based Learning

Skytree Digital Ltd excels in educational game design and production, with a solid plan for game-based learning. Our strategy focuses on three main areas:

  1. Complementing teaching: Games are designed to enhance learning.

  2. Engaging students: We strive to make games enjoyable without compromising their educational value.

  3. Supporting research: Game data is provided to academics and educators, without impacting the above two points.

An example of our work is "My Dreamland", a game that teaches financial management through virtual city building. It promotes peer interaction, healthy competition, and introduces students to potential future social models.

Our team's experience in gamification allows us to accurately identify teaching goals and objectives, and base our concepts on research and surveys. We excel at refining game content, as seen with "My Dreamland", which was piloted in two schools and improved based on feedback from real users.

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Educational Interactive Game Production Service

At the surface level, the focus of game-based learning is on students learning from games, but at a deeper level, games are also about the vision of teachers, professors, therapists, researchers, and administrators. Whichever of these roles you fall into, if you are interested in learning more about gamified learning, or if you need educational game production and design, you are welcome to consult with the team at Skytree Digital Ltd, and we will provide you with the most appropriate game planning solution.

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