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Welcome to our portfolio !

We have several projects, but we can't showcase them all due to our clients' preferences. If you're interested in knowing whether we have experience building apps similar to yours, feel free to reach out to us.

skytree elf
skytree elf
Birdie Games

Birdie Farm
Birdie subscribers can even transfer the “GB” earned in-game to their mobile plans.

Sponsor George Go APP

Sponsor George Go! 
Aims to promote animals protection. Users are not required to donate any money as long as they complete simple missions and work with other users to collect designated amount of hearts. AlipayHK will donate regular living expenses to dogs.

Nature Rescue APP

Nature Rescue
Hong Kong’s first “countryside and coastal clean-up” mobile app.

The 5-minute Shower Challenge  APP

The 5-minute Shower Challenge 
Water sound sensor, shower time
Save Water Coins, create WaterBaby
Take a 5-minute shower, save water, reduce carbon and save the earth

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