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Skytree Digital Ltd, a pioneering Hong Kong-based mobile game developer established in 2013, is a leader in Asian gamification with a portfolio that boasts over 20 million downloads and 300 million hours of playtime. Committed to innovation and collaboration, we excel in creating captivating games and applications that boost user engagement and retention.

skytree elf
skytree elf

Hiring Developers

As a Frontend Developer, you will bear the following responsibilities:

- Possessing 5 years of experience in web technology development within the gaming field.
- A continuous passion and follow-up for gaming platforms and technology trends.
- Include gaming projects in your personal portfolio, demonstrating your professional capabilities beyond your duties.
- Responsible for the planning, design, development, and performance optimization of the company's game frontend technologies.

- Ensuring the stability, security, and good player experience of the gaming systems.
- Optimize existing game systems, continuously improving the readability, maintainability, and scalability of the code, focusing on modularity, technical implementation processes, and development methodologies.
- Fluent written and spoken English communication skills.

We hope you possess the following skills:

- Proficiency in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.
- Skilled in modern front-end frameworks such as React and Vue.
- Experience with game engine development using Unity 3D or Unreal Engine.
- Familiar with API development using REST, OpenAPI, gRPC, or GraphQL.
- Capable of applying modern CSS/JS frameworks (like webpack, bootstrap, or React) for UI/UX design.
- Knowledgeable in databases, including SQL (such as PostgreSQL or MSSQL) and NoSQL (like Redis or MongoDB).

- Continuously learning new technologies to drive constant innovation in the company's products.

How to apply
If you are ready to join our dynamic and creative team
please send your resume, portfolio, and relevant documents to us!

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