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Nature Rescue

Hong Kong’s first terrestrial and coastal clean-up mobile app

“Collectively, we can save Hong Kong’s hills and beaches!”

- One app to know all clean-up activities across Hong Kong

- One app to know all rubbish blackspots across Hong Kong

- Most numerous clean-up events for you to choose from

- Hold clean-up activities that allow fellow App users to join

- Report rubbish blackspots to monitor the environment together

- GPS tracking function for you to report rubbish blackspots while hiking

- Learn about Hong Kong's biodiversity in Ecology Classroom

- Earn points and enjoy more rewards as we help protect nature

Visitors to Hong Kong's country trails and coastal beaches often find the places filled with rubbish. Not only is the rubbish an eyesore, wild animals may also mistakenly feed on it. Rubbish exposed to the sunlight, air or immersed in seawater for a long period of time may decompose or oxidise, releasing harmful substances that cause further damage to the environment and ecology. Environmental group “Green Power” has launched the “Nature Rescue” mobile app to gather public power to restore cleanliness of the environment and save Hong Kong’s hills and beaches!

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