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Game Your World

The faster-than-ever, global-scale changes surrounding us in the 21st-century demand all business domains to transform, adapt and exploit new methods of communication. Allow our state-of-the-art solutions and products help you to “Game” through fierce competitions, overshoot goals and targets, achieve peak excellence in customer satisfaction. Join us, in making a difference and signifying to the world in this modern age of information.


Benefit & Value

The benefit of gamification spreads across a vast range of business demands from branding, engagement, monetization, promotion, entertainment, amongst many others worth mentioning. In the digital age, our solution will only increase in value as billions of players consume games more than any other ways of entertainment.


We understand your need to extensively search for solutions to reach, interact with the world, to expand channels of communication and bring the business to corners of every street, and our vision “Game your world” is a perfect match.


With brand asset and intuitive entertainment conjoined strategically, we inject needle-point accurate communication into successful gamification solutions with proven effectiveness in attracting quality audiences, stimulating conversion and retention, while leveraging historical assets of brands to encapsulate and endorse cultural value, helping businesses to succeed.



Our products stand out to speak for themselves, made headlines to media simultaneous to launch because they tell stories and grab the heart of many.


Aligning visions with you allow us to not only to replicate but to amplify, drive and steer brand contents to stampede loudly across various industries, commercial domains.

A prime example, Birdie Farm, a gamified solution for customers to obtain extra cellular data. This effectively retains existing customers and attract new contracts with the appeal of fun community-driven gameplay and real-life rewards.


We believe this innovative solution has never been brought to light before while definitely did it attract attention from mobile cellular data plan users. Birdie Farm was well received from existing and new users of Birdie Mobile and the community is only growing from this point and on.


Stimulation of consumer interest is our forte. We design unforgettable customer journeys that entertain and lead users to purchase. Whether online or offline, our merged experience design closes the distance between the customer and brand, merchandise and service.


Exceptional results comes only with exceptional effort. Our first priority is to be curious, be in position to fully grasp the brand and culture. As we develop promotion strategized to maximize personal attachment and long term value, we reanimate our facination by  blending cultural with in our extensive list of communication technologies.


Families, friends, strangers gather in joy around entertainment. In the age where we are always torn apart from our loved ones with a globalized and busier, micro-segmented lifestyle, gamification solutions attract worldwide players to gather, with the comfort and benefit to fulfill their entertainment needs.


How to Gamify


With gamification we reanimate a decades brand’s  innovations and effort back into player’s hands to disrupt and define new entertainment. Not only as a game, but also as a platform we create the initiations for our partners to connects to worldwide players and partners deeper, to pave a road to evolve to the next generation of business and communication.



We utilize geolocations, user journey experience design, AI-backed algorithms and other cutting edge technologies to shape a product, message, vision as entertainment to be loved and delivered to the digital mass. Technologies assist to encourage engagement, motivate the sustainability of our future and shape a better world.

5-minute Shower Challenge, is another gamified solution to engage users to take part in taking shorter showers preserving water. The app detects the start and end to a shower and time it to allow the users to learn the length of their showers and work on shortening them.


This is an innovative solution to the existing event as some if not most habitually bring their phones into the shower for entertainment, and this was the golden opportunity to implement the solution on smart devices to maximize participation.


Let Us Game "Your" World


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