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Discover Qpoint Pass: How NFT Technology is Reshaping the Business Ecology of Hong Kong

In order to promote the digital development of local merchants in Hong Kong, we developed the Qpoint platform, marking the further exploration and application of Web 3.0 technology, especially the inclusion of gamification and NFT as one of its core functions. As a sister brand of HONG KONG DIRL PASS, Qpoint covers the functions of online promotion, customer management and promotional activities. By realizing these functions, Qpoint's core purpose is to accelerate Hong Kong's digital transformation and build a more closely connected and interactive business environment.


Qpoint is committed to providing merchants and consumers with a brand new digital experience platform. Its design concept aims to introduce blockchain technology

By leveraging the unique properties of NFT, Qpoint opens up new possibilities in the field of commercial applications, representing forward-looking thinking and innovative layout of future business models. As a Web 3.0 platform, Qpoint is not only a new technology application, but also represents a new business interaction model and economic ecology construction method, aiming to promote direct contact between merchants and consumers, and enhance transaction trust through the transparency and security of blockchain technology.


By using NFT to collect coupons, Qpoint not only enables Hong Kong merchants to reach a wide range of consumer groups more conveniently, but also provides consumers with a new, more personalized and customized service experience. Consumers can enjoy unprecedented shopping fun by using unique NFTs. This innovative approach not only brings new vitality to Hong Kong merchants, but also greatly enriches consumers' shopping experience, marking an important step for Hong Kong on the road to digital transformation. Using Web 3.0 and the mechanism of collecting coupons with NFT, Qpoint is opening a new chapter in business applications and establishing a new architecture for the business environment in the digital age.


Qpoint Success case

This year, many large-scale events in Hong Kong, including Complexcon and Web3 Festival, have gathered consumers and brands from all over the world to come to Hong Kong, creating a great opportunity to inject more users and businesses into the blockchain world. Skytree, together with Domin Network and GenMax Lab, which specialize in building a bridge between blockchain and the real world, and 852Web3, the largest Web3 community in Hong Kong, jointly issued the HONG KONG DIRL (Digital In Real Life) Pass, allowing users to receive NFTs for free from April 1 to April 30 and enjoy special benefits from more than 15 brands. Through an easy and gamified way, let the public and businesses re-recognize blockchain, and introduce new market energy from real life to the Web3 world!

Brand benefits: You can redeem more than 15 brands in Hong Kong for discounts or free products, including uber, com, PARKnSHOP, Pacific Coffee, ROSEMA.ESE, Enso, Hoper, Ellipsis Cafe & Lounge, JESSY COFFEE SANDO, ohm... cafe and bar,, MOZY Cafe & Bar, CURATOR Art & Café, Blaze Craft, Thai Kau, Lounge Hakuba, Chill Pill HK

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